Tankbot has 3 exciting modes and is an independent futuristic tank with infrared detection of obstacles. There is an amazing maze solving mode, an autonomous personality mode, which includes play patterns and sound files.

The Tankbot will work on Android devices as well as being controllable with iPhone and iPad. To use it with iPhone or iPad there is a dongle which is included and  a downloadable application, which is supplied free.

The Tankbot is charged from USB ports by an integrated USB flip out connector. The eyes light up and it emits sounds. The tankbot is available in four colours each of which has its own frequency. An internal LiPo rechargeable Battery allows for 15 minutes play with a 40 minute re-charge.

This toy is fun on all levels and for all ages. Several people can buy their own and they will all have their own frequency as long as they are different colours, so can be played alongside each other.  It is the perfect gift for any child and any technology minded adult.

It is the perfect gift as the battery is included and re-chargeable, no disappointment as the person with the gift has to wait until next day for batteries.


  • Infrared detection
  • 3 modes
  • Controllable with iPad and iPhone
  • Works with android devices
  • Re-chargeable battery
  • Dongle included
  • Downloadable application provided free