House plants are supposed to be easy to care for, but it is just as easy to forget to water them while they are looking fine, then find them drooping or past saving very suddenly.

This Self Watering Planter by Log & Squirrel is just what is needed. The pot has a reservoir underneath it with tubes up to the planter. The reservoir is filled with water and the squirrel is clearly in view. The squirrel moves down as the water empties. When there is no longer any sight of the squirrel it is time to re-fill the reservoir. This is ideal for the home especially where there are plants in rooms not used much.

It is also ideal for the office as the plant will be kept well over the Weekend Easter or Christmas break. The Log and Squirrel Self Watering Planter is useful for when you go on holiday, or for an elderly relative who isnʼt able to water plants and has to wait for someone to do it. It comes boxed and would make a great gift. Useful as well as attractive.


  • Self watering Planter
  • Squirrel to show when the reservoir needs refilling
  • Ideal for home or office
  • Useful and attractive gift
  • 6 inches tall
  • 5 inches diameter