A Plectrum Punch Maker is a must for all guitarists whether bass, acoustic or electric guitarists.  Plectrums are also used for the European instruments such as lutes, madolins and zithers. They are needed for the sitar in India, the banjo in the Americas and the shamisen in East Asia. In fact they are needed for people from all over the world.

This amazing plectrum punch maker can make a plectrum out of any thin plastic. There is an array of plastic items to be used, for example carton lids, old credit and gift cards, drinks containers. You will have a plectrum whenever you need it.

The plectrum maker works on the same basis as a standard hole punch and it is around the same size. Now there will be no need to be without a plectrum. There will no longer be any need to buy one. All your plectrums will now be custom made.

The Pickmaster plectrum maker is simple to use. Find any old loyalty card, gift or credit card and slide it into the plectrum maker. If you angle it right your name can appear on the plectrum, which will stop anyone ‘borrowing’ yours. The plectrum maker comes boxed and would also be an ideal gift for the guitarist in your life.


  • A must for all plectrum users
  • Makes plectrums out of any thin plastic
  • Works like a standard hole punch
  • Easy to use
  • No need to buy a plectrum again