This Giles & Posner chocolate fountain is an attractive addition to any dining occasion, this chocolate fountain has a stunning new mirror finish to its stainless steel base. A new deeper bowl has been added for a better and longer lasting chocolate flow. As well as this a new plastic tier system makes extra smooth cascades.

This tier system is removable for easy cleaning. There is even a set of adjustable feet to allow for complete stability where ever the chocolate fountain is being used. Both adults and children will love this fountain. It is great for parties and buffets.

It is fun when the family all come round. It is even a perfect dessert at a small dinner party. Anything can be dipped in that tastes good with chocolate. Marshmallows are a favourite, with the more healthy options of fruit, pecans, raisins and nuts.

This Table Chocolate fountain can be used with virtually any quality of chocolate. It comes boxed and is suitable for a gift, or just for your home. It is neat and easy to store.


• Attractive design with mirror finish stainless steel base
• Removable plastic tier system for easy cleaning
• Compact with adjustable feet
• Deep bowl for longer lasting chocolate flow
• Works with most qualities of chocolate
• Reasonable price and fun for all